Do you and your friends love to sing? Then you should host your own Karaoke party! Karaoke is hot again and we can bring the fun and excitement of singing Karaoke to your next private party, corporate event or bar. Whether you love to sing or just enjoy watching, Karaoke is an excellent way to have fun and keep your guests entertained!

We are proud to offer our customers expertise in Karaoke hosting. We use the best professional Karaoke hosting software along with top of the line equipment to ensure an entertaining, trouble free show. Our expert KJs keep the party alive by providing background music between singers and are expertly trained to make even the modest singer sound like a superstar!

We feature a large song catalog which includes all of the Karaoke classics as well as today’s top hit songs. Our Karaoke catalog is updated frequently and we have the ability to play an individual singer’s Karaoke CDG. If Wi-Fi is available we can also search online using our professional Karaoke software.

We provide the following top quality Karaoke tracks:

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    DK Karaoke
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    Fast Track
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    Pop Hits Monthly (Pop, Rock, Country, Urban)
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    Quick Hits
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    SBI Singer’s Solution
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    Sound Choice®
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    Sound Choice® Gem Series
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    Top Hits Monthly
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Karaoke Package Includes:

  • Professional Karaoke host
  • Top of the line Karaoke hosting software
  • High quality sound system
  • Four wireless microphones
  • Singer’s monitor
  • Song books (by Artist, Title, New Additions and Spanish)
  • Optional flat screen monitor (allows the crowd to see the singer’s lyrics)

Looking for a particular Karaoke song?

Browse through our song catalogs. Cannot find a particular song?
Ask us to search our computer database; we add music to our library on a regular basis.

For those of you who like to be prepared you can now fill out your Song Request Slip online!
Just click on the button, print out the form and bring it with you to the show!

Karaoke Etiquette


1. THOU SHALT NOT jeer, heckle, boo harass, or otherwise interrupt a singer

2. THOU SHALT NOT juggle, toss or flip the microphones, please respect the equipment!

3. THOU SHALT NOT whine about when your next turn is

4. THOU SHALT NOT be upset if another performer sings a song you were planning to sing, there are plenty of songs to choose from

5. THOU SHALT NOT use foul language or scream into microphone

6. THOU SHALT NOT come to the stage with a drink. The equipment is very expensive and easily damaged, please respect the equipment!

7. THOU SHALT NOT sing along louder than the performer

8. THOU SHALT NOT walk up and join a singer during their performance unless you are invited

9. THOU SHALT NOT carry on loud conversations next to the stage or KJ area

10. THOU SHALT APPLAUD! Anyone who gets up on stage deserves some attention. We are all here to HAVE FUN!!

10 Tips For Improving Your Karaoke Singing Performance

March 10, 2012
By: Tina Sherman

Many singers professional or otherwise love karaoke singing whether they are in bars or entertaining at home. If you want to be a singer this article will show how karaoke can improve how you sing. Everyone can sing it’s just that some people are born with more natural talent than others the difference is lots of practice and training. Karaoke singing can definitely improve your skills at belting out songs here are tips on how to use the karaoke as a practice machine.

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